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Touch Me Not,

The solution can connect your

Android and PC.


Touch Me Not is the anti-theft program that can lock your device on when you leave your seat for a while. When you bring some coffee or snacks, this program will keep your device safe. When an event at device was occurring, it will send the notification to your smart phone immediately.

Mobile Phone

Functions and Features

On the Phone

Real-time monitoring

If the power cable is disconnected , the notebook cover is closed, a keyboard is entered, or  a mouse is clicked and so on, the event occurs on your PC and an alert is sent to your smartphone  in real time.

Person Checking the Phone

Strong Connection

Bluetooth is a communication method used by many devices, but it can be disconnected depending on the wireless environment.

If you are int the  Bluetooth  coverage, the alerts will be  sent you through Bluetooth.

If you are out of  Bluetooth  coverage, the alerts will be  sent you over the data network.

Password Backup

You can manage access, lock, unlock, alert on event, and stop alarm on smart phone.

To unlock your PC, you can do it through the app or enter your password directly into your PC. If you forget your PC password, you can check it on your smartphone. Use your password with confidence

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